How do I schedule meetings from my web account? (Classic)

    Organizers can schedule meetings from their web account at any time. You can schedule a one-time meeting or a recurring meeting room if you plan on reusing the meeting link.

    Attention: We have a new GoTo app! This article covers the classic GoTo Meeting experience. View How do I create a meeting? for the new GoTo.
    1. Sign in at
    2. Click Create Meeting.
    3. Use the "New Meeting" window to specify the details of your new meeting. This is where you can add co-organizers (if your admin has allowed it), edit audio options, add passwords, etc.

      • Online meeting room – You want to use the same meeting ID and link over and over again.
      • One-time meeting – You want to host a single meeting on a certain day/time.

    4. Click Save when finished. The new meeting will immediately be available in your upcoming meetings (either in the Rooms or One-Time tab).
    5. In the meeting details, click Copy Invitation to copy the invitation to your clipboard and paste it into an email, calendar invite, or anywhere you prefer.Schedule Meeting from the Web