How do I manage unidentified callers?

    Anyone who dials in to the audio conference from a phone but does not enter an Audio PIN is known as an "unidentified caller". GoTo Meeting cannot identify them by name so it views them as a separate participant. These callers are displayed in the attendee list as "Caller X"

    Desktop app or web

    1. Open the GoTo desktop app on your computer or sign in from a browser.
    2. Start or join a meeting.
    3. Select People icon in the top toolbar.
    4. Hover over the unidentified caller, then select More icon.
    5. To manage an unidentified caller, choose from the following:
      To do this Do this
      Rename caller Select Edit name > Ok.
      Mute or unmute Select Keep muted or Allow to unmute.
      Dismiss Select Excuse.

    Mobile app

    1. Open the GoTo mobile app on your device.
    2. Start or join a meeting.
    3. Tap People icon.
    4. Tap More icon next to the unidentified caller.
    5. Select Remove from meeting.