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How do I capture presentation slides from the meeting recording? (Classic)

    GoTo Meeting automatically captures the organizer's meeting presentation and generates a PDF of all shared slides during the meeting. This PDF can then be downloaded and/or shared with attendees. From the recording page, organizers and attendees can use the slides as visuals to efficiently navigate the recording and transcripts.

    Organizers must record the session to the cloud to have access to this feature.
    1. Sign in at
    2. Make sure you have Detect Slides enabled in your settings.
    3. After the recording has processed and saved, click Open Recording of the desired meeting.
    4. Click the Info icon to open the meeting details then the PDF under "Slides detected".
    5. A "slidedeck" PDF file will download onto your computer.
    6. Send the recording link to attendees so that they can access and download the PDF along with the recording and transcript (if enabled).