Compare GoTo Meeting Email Calendar Integrations

    The calendar integration tools help you manage your meetings from your Outlook or Google Calendar. The features available to you depends on which integration you use.

    Compare what features are available in the GoTo Meeting Add-On for Google Calendar, GoTo Meeting Outlook Plugin, GoTo Meeting Office 365 Add-In, and GoTo for Outlook.

    Features Google Calendar Outlook Plugin (being discontinued in July 2022) Office 365 Outlook Add-In (being discontinued in September 2022) GoTo for Outlook
    Generate a new meeting ID
    Attach personal or reusable rooms
    Start or join with one click
    Edit meeting settings (co-organizer, audio, password)
    Sync with calendar meeting ✓ (manual sync) ✓ (manual sync)
    Add a co-organizer ✓ (after scheduling a meeting)