When a supported physical device connects to our servers, the network from which it connects is automatically added to the network access permissions list. Because softphones do not provision like a physical device, individuals that use softphones (other than our mobile app) need network access permissions added manually for every network they use.  Before the softphone can be used to make and receive calls, users must authorize these networks by navigating to the unique URL provided below.

Note: By default, non-admins have the ability to authorize their own network.

1. Log in at

2. Click Permissions in the left sidebar.

3. From the Network tab > Automatic Network Authorization section, enable/disable Allow Non-Admins to Authorize Own Network.

4. Optional—Set the Expire authorization after days.

  • An expiration of 0 (zero) days will set the authorization to never expire.

5. Click [SAVE].

6. Go to https://‹domain› Replace ‹domain› with your unique domain (found in parentheses at the top of the admin dashboard).

  • Make sure to provide all softphone users with this network link for your system.

7. Click [ADD]. The network will then be added as an authorized network until the expiration date, where applicable.