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Set Viewer Preferences

Manage the settings for the Viewer window in the Preferences window.

  1. Click the Preferences icon in the HelpAlert toolbar and select Viewer.
  2. Make the desired changes, as follows:

    Screen Size - Configure how the Viewer window displays the customer's desktop while in session.

    • Select whether the Viewer window is displayed in full-screen or window mode.
    • Select whether the customer's desktop is displayed in actual size or is scaled to fit within the Viewer window.

    Viewer Options - Enable and disable various features for the Viewer window using the check boxes, as follows:

    • Start all incoming screen sharing sessions in separate Viewers - This option opens a new Viewer window for each new support session, as opposed to using individual tabs for each session within the Viewer window.
    • Dim Viewer when inactive - This option temporarily deactivates the Viewer window when it is not the focused window, providing a shaded transparency and segregating mouse control between the representative and the customer.
    • Pass Windows keys to remote computer - This option allows some Windows key functionality to be passed to the customer's computer (e.g., PrintScrn).
    • Enable Viewer Hot Keys - This option activates keyboard shortcuts for Draw and Laser tools.
    • Don't show multiple monitor notification when connecting to a customer - This option enables or disables the automated prompt that displays the multi-monitor shortcuts when you connect with a customer with multiple monitors.
    • Select Viewer Color - Customize the window color of the Viewer.
      Note: To enable the use of keyboard hot keys for GoToAssist tools like the Highlighter (F8), Arrow Stamper (F9) and Pen (F11), be sure to select Enable Viewer Hot Keys. This also maps the arrow keys and the keypad number keys for use in screen navigation.
  3. Click OK when finished.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022