What routers are recommended?

Cloud-based VoIP services rely heavily on router dependability-as this is the device that handles all connections between your network and GoToConnect. It is imperative that your organization uses an approved and properly-configured router.

Recommended routers can be purchased pre-configured directly from GoToConnect.

Quality Home Office (1-2 Users) Small Office (2-9 Users) Medium Office (10-25 Users) Large Office (25+ Users)
Best Jive JMR1300* Adtran Netvanta 3140 Adtran Total Access 908e Contact Us**
Better - - Adtran Netvanta 3140 Contact Us**
Good - Jive JMR1300* Jive JMR1300* Contact Us**
  • * This router must be purchased from GoToConnect.
  • ** Larger offices with more than 25 users should receive a unique recommendation from GoToConnect's Engineering Team based on individual usage requirements. Your Sales Rep or Project Manager can help facilitate this communication.