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Router FAQ's

Learn the answers to the most commonly asked questions about your router needs so that you can have a smooth and successful experience with your new system.

Why do you recommend Adtran routers?

They are affordable, well-known, enterprise-grade routers that are highly compatible with VoIP. The QoS implementation is very elegant, and they have great reporting features, SIP proxy capability, etc.

Do I have to purchase a router from you?

No, however, we highly recommend it because we can guarantee our ability to support the device and keep it up to date with the correct firmware and feature packs. For routers not purchased through us, our support may be hindered.

Will my existing router work?

If your model is not on our deny list, it is likely compatible. Most enterprise-grade routers or routers that are not in need of an upgrade will work if the proper configuration changes can be made. Our support team can confirm if your specific model can support VoIP or not.

If you need to purchase a new router to support your system, we recommend getting it from us so that it arrives pre-configured and ready to use. We can also provide continual support and maintenance on devices purchased from us. If you purchase elsewhere, here are a few things to avoid:

  • Modem/Router combo devices
  • Consumer or SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) routers for anything other than a very small handful of phones

What is a deny listed router?

These are routers that we know, through testing, will not work with our platform.

My router is incompatible, what do I do?

Contact our sales team or your Onboarding Specialist to purchase a recommended model.

What router firmware is incompatible with GoTo?

DD-WRT and Tomato firmware are both incompatible with our platform.

Article last updated: 22 April, 2022