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What is included in GoTo's Contact Center plans?

We currently offer the feature rich Complete plan with robust analytics and the ability to act on what you see.

Note: The Core plan is no longer being offered. Its features are listed below in comparison to the Complete plan.

  GoTo Contact Center
Feature Core Complete
Call Queues
  • Auto Queue Callback
  • Intelligent Call Routing with Skill Assignment
  • Pre-recorded Audio Messages
Call Campaigns
Chat Queues
  • Webchat channel
  • Facebook Messenger channel
  • Instagram channel
  • Pre-saved Text Messages
  • Tag Management
  • Flip to Call
  • Flip to Meeting
  • Chat Campaigns
Centralized Inbox    
Agent Dashboard
  • Single button to manage status in all queues simultaneously
  • Ability to manage status by individual queue card
  • See queue information such as which queue the call is coming from, the wait time of that caller, and the Caller ID
  • Ability to log in to unassigned queues
Supervisor Dashboard
  • Ability to drill down into queue details
  • Ability to manage agent status in queues
  • Manage campaigns
  • Actions list of tools to monitor agents, manage their status, end wrap up time early, etc.
  • Queue Caller
  • Agent Performance
  • Resolved Conversations
  • Exports
Customizable pause reasons
Single view for setup