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View and download your billed SMS details report

Download a .csv file of all SMS (text) credits reflected on your invoice.

Before you begin: You must have the view and pay invoices permission or be assigned the Super admin role to perform this task.
  1. Sign in at
  2. From the SMS Details tab, select the Month and Year the usage occurred.
    Tip: If you are checking a particular invoice, choose the month before the invoice. For example, to see the billed SMS details for your February 2023 invoice, select January 2023.
  3. Select Download.
    Data Description
    From Phone number that sent the text.
    Destination Phone number the text was sent to.
    Direction Whether the text was inbound or outbound.
    Sent on (UTC+0) Time (UTC+0 time zone) the text was sent between the source number and destination number.
    Status Displays in the text was delivered or if the destination was invalid.
    Note: This field will be blank if it was an incoming text.
    # Of Credits The quantity of SMS credits in the sent or received text.
    Note: SMS credits refer to an allowance provided to the account to send and receive SMS and MMS messages. A single credit accounts for on average 160 characters (not including emojis, links or pictures). SMS credits reset every month.
Article last updated: 28 March, 2023