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Attendee Guide for Webcast Webinars

Learn how to join and participate in our browser-based Webcast webinar

1Register first

Before you can join a webinar, you'll first need to register for the session. You can do this ahead of time or right before joining. Learn more.

  1. Click the Registration link to open the Registration page.
  2. Enter your registration information and fill out any other required fields, then click Register.
  3. Once you've successfully registered, you'll see a Confirmation page.

Note: Depending on the organizer's setting, they may have to first approve your registration before you receive a Confirmation email and Join link.

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In most cases, the Registration link can be accessed from the Invitation email sent to you by the organizer. Alternatively, they might have posted it somewhere online (e.g., Facebook or instant message). Look for a hyperlink that starts with "" and ends with a unique registration code.

For security purposes, only the organizer can provide you with the Registration URL. If you are unable to find it, please reach out to the organizer who invited you to the webinar and ask them to resend it.
If you are trying to register or join a session but receive a "The webinar is full" message, then the session already has the maximum number of attendees that are allowed. You will not be able to join the session unless one of the attendees who has already joined leaves the session. This is because each organizer's GoTo Webinar account has a subscription plan with a maximum number of attendees that they can have in any given webinar. Learn more.
If you see this message, then you are trying to sign up for a past webinar that has already occurred. Please contact the organizer who invited you to the webinar to see if they have a recording that you can watch or if there is an additional session that you can join.

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2Join the webinar

After registering, you will receive a Confirmation email that includes specific join information. When you're ready to join the webinar, open that email to get into session.

  • Join link: Click the Join link (starts with "") in your Confirmation email to be instantly launched into session.
  • Webinar ID: If you don't have your Join link, go here and enter the 9-digit Webinar ID.

Note: Not time for your live webinar but you want to check to see if your system is supported? Run our system checker.

3Set up audio

Webcast webinars only allow computer mic & speakers (VoIP). If you have a headset plugged in or paired via Bluetooth, you will hear the webinar audio through the headset. If you do not have a headset connected, the webinar will play through your computer speakers.

Once you've been launched into session, click Listen in! Click for audio (if prompted) to connect your audio. Because attendees are always muted and cannot be unmuted during a Webcast webinar, your Mic icon will remain red.

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Attendees are muted by default and cannot be unmuted during a Webcast webinar. To reach your organizer, please raise your hand to grab their attention or ask a question.
GoTo Webinar automatically detects what speakers to connect to. If you have a headset plugged in or paired by Bluetooth, you will hear the webinar through the headset. If you do not have a headset plugged in or paired by Bluetooth, you will hear the webinar through your computer speakers.

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Connect to Audio in Webcast Webinar

4Participate during the webinar

There are many ways to make this webinar interactive. Although attendees are always muted during the webinar, you can:

  • (a) Raise your hand to grab the organizer's attention.
  • (b) Ask the organizer questions.
  • (c) Download handouts (if organizer has uploaded them).
  • Answer polls (if organizer has created them).
Webcast Webinar

5Still need help?

Do you need more help joining the webinar or connecting to audio? Please visit the GoTo Webinar support site for more help or troubleshooting.