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The GoTo Webinar Magnetic app will be discontinued on Dec. 9, 2019 based on its current overall usage. Thank you for using this app and sharing your insights – we'll use this feedback to support future innovations and features.

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Magnetic is an app that helps marketers to easily create beautiful, professional presentations. By using pre-created templates, marketers can add images, videos, charts, audio, and interactive elements to help tell their story.

The app is currently available for iPads and Android tablets. You can download the latest versions from the App Store and Google Play.
To create a new presentation in Magnetic, open the app on your tablet and view the first screen. In the top right, you’ll see a button Create New which will allow you to create a new presentation from scratch. If you’ve already been working on a presentation, it will appear on this screen and tapping on it will allow you to edit it.
To move forward and back through a presentation, use the arrow buttons that appear in the top right corner of the screen. When you reach the last slide you’ve created, tapping on the next arrow (the one pointing right) will create a new, blank slide for you to work on.

To view a list of your slides, choose images to add, or change the layout of a particular slide, use the gray menu that appears along the left side of the screen.
A "Call to Action" is an interactive element that will appear as a button in your final presentation. This allows viewers of the presentation to directly interact with your presentation. We currently allow you to add a link, email, or phone number as a call to action. For each of these three types, tapping on the button will trigger that associated action (loading the link, sending an email, making a call) for the viewer. This allows you as the presentation creator to drive an outcome from your viewers directly with the presentation itself.
Audio recording allows you to add an audio track to any slide. Use this to explain a chart, give an example, or simply deliver your message in your own words. Because Magnetic presentations live in a unique URL, you may want to share them on your website or social media profiles and allow visitors to view your presentation on-demand. Recording audio allows you to present your message in just the right way no matter how a viewer views the presentation.
When you’re done editing your presentation, the next step is to preview and share it! To preview what the final presentation will look like, tap on the Preview button inside the Magnetic app (it appears along the top of the screen). You’ll now see a full screen view of what the final presentation will look like. Check it for any errors - if you see one, simply tap Continue Editing in the top left and fix it. Once you’re satisfied, go to the preview screen and tap Share which will generate your presentation’s own unique URL. That URL is now ready to be sent you customers, or added to your website.
Any Magnetic presentation can be viewed by entering its unique URL into a browser. Magnetic presentations are compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers, and will automatically adjust to your browser size to look their best.
Each Magnetic presentation is published a unique URL when you’re finished creating it. To publish the presentation, tap on Preview in the Magnetic app, then tap Share. You will see a URL appear that you can copy to the clipboard or email. This link is now the home of your presentation. Share it on your website, social media, or send it to a customer in an email. Viewing the presentation is as easy as opening the link in any browser on mobile or desktop.
If you’d like to use your Magnetic presentation for a Webinar in GoTo Webinar, follow these steps. First, create your presentation using the Magnetic app. Then, “Share” your presentation to create your unique URL for the presentation. Once you have the URL, open it in the browser on whatever device you want to present from during your webinar. During the presentation, you can click through the slides using the arrow keys, or on screen navigation (hover your mouse over the left or right sides of the screen and you will see navigation arrows appear).


Want to have your viewers interact with your presentation?

In future versions, Magnetic will integrate closely with GoTo Webinar to allow your viewers to interact with the Call to Action or audio elements of your presentation. For now, you can share the link with your audience and they can follow along on their own devices.
If you have additional questions that weren’t answered here, you can do one of the following:


Get help in-app

Click on the chat bubble icon at the top of the screen while viewing any presentation. This will open a live chat with our team where we can help answer your questions 1:1.


Send us an email

Email the Magnetic team at and we’ll reply personally to you to help answer your questions.

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