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Why can't I connect to audio with my phone?

Review common reasons why you aren't able to connect to audio from your phone.

The "Phone Mode" option might not be selected.

If you want to use your telephone to connect to the audio, you need to make sure GoTo Webinar has the right audio mode selected. Otherwise, it might try to connect you using both audio modes.

See Connect to Audio using your Telephone to learn how to select the correct audio mode.


"Phone Mode" might not be available for this session.

The organizer chooses which audio options are available for each session, so it's possible that not all options will be available in the session you are attending.

If you do you not see the Phone Call option, the organizer likely disabled it for this session (or it's not available on their subscription plan) and you will need to use a different method to connect to audio.


There might be an issue with your telephone service provider.

If you are unable to connect to the session at all, it's possible that your telephone service provider is experiencing issue. Try using a different phone, or connect using the internet instead.