What will my attendees see during Recorded webinars?

Joining Recorded (formerly called "Simulated Live") webinars is easy for your attendees – no download, no dialing in... just click, register, and watch! Attendees will launched into the webinar using their web browser (no matter what device they're joining from), where they can watch the session, submit questions, download handouts and participate in polls and surveys.

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Registration & Emails

Just like with Standard and Webcast webinars, your attendees will first need to register for the session. They will then receive a Confirmation email which they can use to join the webinar at the set date and time.

If your Recorded event is "on demand", then registrants will also be able to join instantly by clicking Join the Webinar on the Confirmation page after registering.


Attendees can submit a question by clicking the floating Question button in the bottom-right corner. After the session, the organizer will receive a list of questions submitted so that they can follow up with attendees.


Attendees can download any handouts that were uploaded by clicking the floating Handouts button (next to the Question button.)


Polls will be automatically launched at the same time as they were in the originally recorded session. Attendees can make their selection the same way as during a Classic or Webcast webinar.


Surveys will be launched the same way as with Standard and Webcast webinars, either immediately after the session or in the Follow-Up email (depending on your selection).