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What is the difference between online and local recordings?

GoTo Webinar offers 2 recording methods – local and online. Learn more about them below.

If you're using local recording, the recording file is saved locally to the computer. The organizer or co-organizer who starts recording a session will have it saved to their local hard drive as a .G2M file, and you will need to manually convert those sessions using the Recording Manager.

If you're using online recording, the recording is automatically stored in the cloud and many of post-session steps are skipped! The organizer or co-organizer who starts recording a session will see a new entry automatically appear in their Video Library once the session has ended. There's no need to convert the file or manually upload it – it just appears! From this page, organizers can play the recording, copy the link, download, and delete.

Another major benefit recording online is that you can include shared webcams in the recording file, while local recording does not. See Record a Session for more information about changing your recording settings.

Recording Type Comparison Chart

  Local Recording Online recording
Password protect a webinar Yes No
Include webcams in recording No Yes
Add an after session video Yes Automatically added
Automatically record the session Yes Yes