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About the Browser-Based App

The browser-based app is a version of GoTo Webinar that doesn't require any downloads! It is fully contained within the web browser.

This option is useful for those having trouble installing the desktop app or are in locked-down environments that can't download software.
Attention: GoTo Webinar detects the best join method for you based on your operating system, browser, and the webinar type the organizer scheduled. That means you may be launched in the desktop app. If you are prompted to download the app and would like to join from the web instead, view Join a Webinar from a Browser.

Most attendee features are available on the browser app. View Feature Comparison Chart by Browser Type for details on what features are available to you based on your browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is recommended). View Are there limitations if I join the webinar from a browser? for details on what's not supported on the browser app.