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Webcast Webinars FAQs

    Learn more about webcast webinars with these frequently asked questions.

    How do I manage audio settings?

    When you schedule a Webcast webinar, it will detect your account's default audio settings and automatically apply them to the session. Note that only GoTo Webinar's built-in audio modes can be used for webcast webinars (Computer audio and PSTN). Unlike standard webinars, it is not possible to modify a webcast webinar's audio settings once it has been scheduled.

    • Organizers, co-organizers, and panelists can connect to audio via VoIP (Computer audio) or PSTN (Phone audio).
    • Attendees can only connect to audio via VoIP (Computer audio).

    If you would like to change which audio options are available for staff during a webcast webinar, you must first change your default audio settings and then schedule the webinar.

    How many attendees can join a webcast webinar?

    Webcast webinars can include up to 3,000 attendees (Enterprise plans only) or 1,000 attendees (Pro plans). Standard webinars will continue to have a 1,000 attendee limit.

    How will my attendees join?

    Organizers, co-organizers and panelists will join the webinar using the desktop app, the same as with standard sessions.

    However, Windows and Mac attendees will be directed to the no-download, browser-based Instant Join app – regardless of their operating system. This means that they will join the webinar entirely through their web browser, without needing to download the GoTo Webinar software!

    Mobile attendees can join using the GoTo Webinar app on their device.

    How do I unmute my attendees?

    Attendees are put in listen-only mode and cannot be unmuted. Only organizers and panelists will be able to unmute themselves.

    How do I switch my scheduled webinar between Standard and Webcast?

    You can switch from a Standard webinar to a Webcast webinar to increase the number of attendees that can join. Switching webinar types will not impact registered attendees.
    Attention: Once you switch from a Standard webinar to Webcast, you cannot switch back.

    How do I promote attendees to co-organizer, panelist or presenter?

    It is not possible to promote attendees during a webcast webinar. If you would like an attendee to become a staff member, then you must add them from the Event Details page. Then they will need to leave the session and rejoin using the special co-organizer or panelist Join URL that you provide them.

    Can I add a password to my webcast webinars?

    No. Webcast webinars cannot be password protected.

    What are the system requirements to run or join webcast webinars?

    To host webcast webinars

    Operating system

    Windows 7 – Windows 10

    Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) - 10.13 (High Sierra)

    Software GoTo Webinar desktop app

    To join webcast webinars:

    Operating system

    Windows 7 – Windows 11

    Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) - macOS 12 Monterey

    Linux / Ubuntu (Chrome or Firefox only)

    Google Chrome OS (Chromebook) (Chrome only)

    Web browser

    Google Chrome (most recent 2 versions)

    Mozilla Firefox (most recent 2 versions)

    Apple Safari (most recent 2 versions)

    Microsoft Edge (most recent 2 versions)