Steps for Installing on Mac

Installing the full-featured GoToWebinar desktop app onto your computer allows you to get the most out of your meetings. Note that when you start or join a webinar, the GoToWebinar software download will begin automatically unless you are on an unsupported system or if the organizer has scheduled a Webcast webinar. In that case, you will be taken to the browser-based Web App.

About the installation package

Once the desktop app is installed, you will be able to join and start future webinars more quickly by avoiding the extended download process. When you install GoToWebinar, you will download 2 parts of the software to your computer.
  • GoToWebinar desktop app – This is the main software that you use to join and start webinars .
  • GoTo Opener – This is the "helper" application that launches you into active webinars.

Download the desktop app

To save you time, we've designed the desktop software to automatically install itself when you join a session. When you click Download below, you will be launched into the waiting room of a test meeting.

Important: This is not a live session. As soon as you see the "Waiting for Olivia the Organizer" screen, you can close the app.



  1. Organizers can also start a webinar (or attendees can join a webinar) to initiate the software download. Once the web browser launches, you will see the following:

    • If the Launcher application is not installed (either first time joining or it was removed), then the GoTo Opener.dmg file will automatically start downloading. Continue to Step #2.

    • If the Launcher application is already installed, then the web browser will automatically start the Launcher app, which will then launch the GoToMeeting application (or install it again, if needed). You will not need to continue to Step #2, but you will see the dialogs described in Run the desktop app once installed.

  2. If the Launcher application is not already installed, the GoTo Opener.dmg file will automatically begin downloading. Depending on which web browser you are running, you can complete the download as follows:

    • Apple Safari - Double-click the "GoTo Opener" file in the browser’s Downloads window (click restart the download if the download doesn't start).
    • Mozilla Firefox® - Select "Open with" then click OK when prompted (click restart the download in the browser window if needed).
    • Google Chrome™ When the download finishes, click at the bottom of the page to open the file (you may need to refresh the page and/or click download & run).

  3. When the GoTo Opener window opens, double-click the Launcher icon .
  4. You will see a message noting that " GoTo Opener " is an application downloaded from the internet. Enable the "Don't warn me [...]" check box, then click Open to continue. The GoToWebinar application will then finish downloading and automatically launch. Once the download is done,you will be able to join future webinars even faster!
  5. See Run GoToWebinar once installed for more information about joining future webinars.

    Note:  If you remove the Launcher application at a later time, you'll need to go through the entire download process again. We don’t recommend that you do this if you frequently join webinars, as you will lose the benefit of faster join times.

Run the desktop app once installed

Once the Launcher application has been installed, you will not need to download it again (unless you remove it). When you next start or join a meeting, you will be prompted with additional dialogs from the web browser requesting permission to start the Launcher and/or GoToWebinar application on your behalf.
  • Apple Safari - Users running Safari will not be prompted by any additional dialogs.
  • Mozilla Firefox If you are running Firefox, you may be prompted to choose an application to use (either the GoTo Opener application, or the GoToMeeting application). Select the "Remember my choice for GoTo Opener links" checkbox to avoid being prompted by the dialog again when joining future webinars. Click OK to continue.
  • Google Chrome - If you are running Chrome, it may request your permission to open an external application (i.e., the Launcher application or the GoToMeeting desktop application) by prompting you with an "External Protocol Request". Select the "Remember my choice for GoTo Opener links" check box to avoid being prompted by the dialog again when joining future webinars and Open GoTo Opener > Open.