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How do I view and manage attendees? (Desktop App)

The Attendees pane displays a list of all the participants in a session. You can toggle between the Attendees tab and the Staff tab (which displays the names of organizers, presenters and panelists) to see who's in attendance.

Attendees pane icon key

The Attendees pane uses icons to describe the status of the attendees and staff members in your session.

Audio icons

Individual is connected via VoIP and unmuted
Individual is connected via VoIP and has muted themselves
Individual is connected via VoIP and muted by organizer
Individual is attempting to connect via VoIP
Individual is connected via phone and unmuted
Individual is connected via phone and has muted themselves
Individual is connected via phone and muted by organizer
Individual is attempting to connect via phone  or they are connected but have not yet entered their audio PIN

Other icons

Individual is the current Presenter (staff only)
Individual has been given access to keyboard and mouse control
Individual is currently controlling the keyboard and mouse
Individual has a webcam connected (but is not sharing it) (staff only)
Individual is sharing their webcam (staff only)
Individual is not attentive (i.e., an application other than GoTo Webinar is at the forefront of their screen)
Individual has asked a question
Individual has their hand raised
Individual has been given access to drawing tools

Mute and unmute attendees

By default, all attendees are automatically muted when they join the webinar.
  • To mute or unmute a single attendee, click the Audio icon next to their name. Green icons represent unmuted attendees, while orange icons represent muted attendees.
  • To mute or unmute all attendees, click the Mute All or Unmute All icons at the bottom of the Attendees pane.
Note: If an organizer attempts to unmute attendees who have muted themselves, the attendees will be prompted to be automatically unmuted or to remain muted.

Make an attendee Presenter

The presenter has the ability to share their screen with other attendees during a session. As an organizer, you can make another attendee the presenter at any time (which does not cause them to automatically become an organizer) . The Presenter will then be able to make anyone else a presenter after them. Making an attendee a presenter automatically makes the attendee a panelist until the end of the session.

See Change Presenter (Desktop App) for more information.

Make an attendee an organizer

Co-organizers are part of the staff who have access to the same organizer tools and features during a webinar and can help organizers facilitate the session or even start it on their behalf. Organizers can either add co-organizers before a session or promote them to the organizer role during a session. While organizers can make anyone a co-organizer of the webinar, only individuals who are also members of the same GoTo Webinar account will be able to start webinars on their behalf.
Note: Although co-organizers can access all the same in-session features and reporting tools as the scheduling organizer, they do not have access to post-session features like archiving recordings and follow-up emails.

See Add Co-Organizers_(Desktop App) for more information.

Give an attendee keyboard and mouse control

Presenters can grant other attendees shared control of the keyboard and mouse. This allows them to move the mouse around your shared screen and use their own keyboard to type on it which can aid in collaboration.

Of course, your mouse always has priority. You can always override another attendees' mouse movements to temporarily regain control without removing their access.

See Give Keyboard and Mouse Control (Desktop App) for more information.

Stop/start attendee webcam sharing

  • To request that an attendee start sharing their webcam, right-click their name in the Attendee list and select Send Webcam Request. The attendee will be prompted to share their webcam (they can click Share My Webcam or Not Right Now).
    Note: This feature is only available for staff members (Presenters, panelists and organizers).

  • To stop sharing an attendee's webcam, right click their name in the Attendee list and select Stop Webcam Sharing.

Show/Hide Attendees pane for an attendee

If desired, you can allow attendees to see the Attendee list in their Control Panels. Right-click their name in the Attendee pane and select Allow Attendee List. A Checkmark icon will be displayed next to the selection when it is enabled, and will disappear when it is disabled.

Dismiss an attendee

You can remove an attendee from a session by dismissing them. They will then automatically leave the session and be notified that they were excused.

  1. In the Attendees pane, right-click the desired attendee's name.
  2. Click Dismiss <attendee name>.
  3. Click Yes when prompted.