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How do I join a webinar from an iOS device?

Attendees and panelists can join webinars from the GoTo Webinar app for iOS!

Although organizers cannot start a webinar from an iOS device, they can join the webinar from an iOS device as a "secondary app".
  1. Download the GoTo Webinar app from the App Store.
  2. Join a webinar in any of the following ways:
    • Tap the Join URL of the session found in your Email app, Message app, etc. to automatically launch the app.
    • If you are not signed in to the app, tap Attend a Webinar > Join with Webinar ID. Enter the webinar ID and tap Join.
    • If you are signed in as an attendee via social media account, tap on the desired webinar listed on the Home screen. Webinars you have registered for or have added to your calendar will be listed.
  3. You may be prompted to register for the webinar if you have not yet done so. You can sign in with your GoTo Webinar account (if you have one) or one of your social media accounts to skip this step. Note that you must accept the organizer's webinar disclaimer before registering if prompted to.