How do I add new GoToWebinar registrants to Infusionsoft as new contacts?

    Save GoToWebinar registrants as Infusionsoft contacts through Zapier, a third-party product that connects the web apps that you use (e.g., Gmail, Salesforce, LinkedIn) and easily moves your data between them.

    Before you begin...

    You will need a GoToWebinar account, an Infusionsoft account, and a Zapier account.

    Prepare GoToWebinar and Infusionsoft accounts

    Learn more about Infusionsoft on Zapier here.
    1. Sign in to your account at
    2. Schedule a new webinar event.
    3. To connect Infusionsoft to GoToWebinar, make sure you have created an Infusionsoft list.

      Note: Infusionsoft requires an email address to create contacts.

    Connect Infusionsoft to GoToWebinar via Zapier

    1. Save GoToWebinar registrants as Infusionsoft contacts.
    2. Sign in to your GoToWebinar account.
    3. Specify the GoToWebinar event from which new registrants will be added to Infusionsoft. Click Save + continue.
    4. Sign in to your Infusionsoft account to connect your accounts, or select an already connected account.
    5. When prompted to allow Zapier access, click Allow.
    6. Match the fields from GoToWebinar with contact fields in Infusionsoft.
    7. Click Save + finish! to complete the Zap.
    8. Test the Zap to make sure it works. Once you're satisfied with the results, you're all set to save GoToWebinar registrants as Infusionsoft contacts.

      Note: To make changes to your Infusionsoft and GoToWebinar integration, sign in to your Zapier dashboard. To lean more, see here.