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Activities & Breakouts Organizer Guide

Learn how to run activities and breakouts in GoTo Training

1Prepare for your breakout

Before you host a training with activities and breakouts, review these best practices.

  • Make sure you've enabled the Use the new experience setting.
  • Plan your breakout ahead of time to maximize engagement and understand how the tool works.
  • Set Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your default browser.
  • Remind all participants they must have Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge installed to participate in a breakout.
  • Connect to audio using Computer audio rather than Phone call.
  • Have your Google credentials ready if you are planning on using the collaborative features (e.g., editing a doc).
  • Assign only one staff member to facilitate the breakout.

2Prepare your Google Drive

If you are planning to collaborate on files in your Google Drive, we suggest you prepare these before the training. View the article to learn more.

  1. Launch a training.
  2. Select Share > Google Drive.
  3. Sign in to your Google account. This automatically creates a GoTo Training folder in your Google Drive.
  4. Any documents uploaded or added to that folder will appear in this window. Alternatively, you can create a new Google file or select Manage Google files to open the page in a new browser.
  5. When you're ready to share a file, select Share. If you are running breakout rooms, you will be prompted to Share in all rooms or in the room you're currently in.

3Share and collaborate on content

Share and collaborate on different types of content including Google Drive documents, YouTube videos, Miro whiteboard, and files on your computer. All participants can view and make edits on the Miro whiteboard and on shared Google Drive files such as Google Doc, Google Sheet, Google Slide, and Google Drawing.

  1. Launch a training.
  2. Select Share, and choose one of the following content types.
    • Google Drive - Select an existing file or create a new one.
    • YouTube - Select a link or enter a youtube link if you have not uploaded links to your materials.
    • Files - Select a file you uploaded to your materials.
    • Miro whiteboard - Launch a shared whiteboard.
  3. To Stop sharing, select Share.

4Create and assign breakouts

Split your training into groups using breakouts. You can have up to 50 breakout groups or place all participants in one. All participants will be randomly assigned to a breakout or you can drag and drop participants to specific breakouts before starting. Once your breakout is set, select Start breakout. Once started, you cannot move participants from one breakout to another. To move participants, end the breakout and start a new one.

If a breakout is in progress and a participant joins late, they will be randomly assigned to a breakout. Participants who don't successfully join a breakout will be listed under "An attendee hasn't joined the breakout yet". View the article for more help.

5Review shared documents

If participants collaborated on a shared Google file, you can open your Google Drive and share these files once the breakouts have ended.

6View additional help

Learn more about activities and breakouts with these frequently asked questions. If you encounter issues, please collect logs to help the Customer Support team troubleshoot and identify the issue. Learn more or contact us.

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How do I help attendees join from Chrome successfully?

Before the training, we suggest you notify all attendees to set Google Chrome as their default browser. If this is their first time joining, they will be prompted to allow the browser to access their microphone. If attendees join from an unsupported browser, they will be prompted to copy and paste the breakout link in a Chrome browser or to download Chrome if it isn't detected.


Can I have multiple activities during one breakout?

Yes, you can switch activities at any time during a breakout.

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