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What are some best practices to running activities and breakouts?

Follow these best practices to get the most out of activities and breakouts!

Pre-session tips for organizers

  • Make sure you have a Google account set up and you know your credentials. To use collaborative features (e.g., edit a shared doc), you will need a Google Drive.
  • Set up your materials and activities ahead of time. Save time during the training by setting up your materials and activities before the training.
  • Check your co-organizers. Co-organizers added before the session cannot be assigned to a breakout room. Co-organizers promoted during the session can be assigned to a breakout room but do not have access to other organizer features.
  • Enable web access for attendees. In your settings, allow attendees to join the training from their web browser.
  • Plan your lessons ahead of time. To maximize engagement and account for limitations, we encourage you to plan ahead.

In-session tips for all participants

  • Make sure your system is supported. Check the system requirements to make sure your system is supported for activities and breakouts.
  • Use Google Chrome. For a seamless breakout experience, set Google Chrome as your default browser. If you are not using breakouts and only running an activity, attendees can join via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari.
  • Use Computer audio. For optimal audio among all participants, connect via Computer audio rather than Phone call.

In-session tips for organizers

  • Join the training from a second device. Organizers cannot see the video they are sharing with their breakout rooms. To check what is being shared, join the session as an attendee from a second device.
  • Restart the breakout session if a participant is disconnected. Participants may have trouble rejoining the same breakout room and may experience other issues doing so. For a better experience, end the current breakout session, wait for the participant to rejoin, and restart the breakout.
  • Check the breakout and its participant list. Participants cannot be reassigned during a breakout session. To change the group list, restart the breakout.
  • Take notes for data purposes (if needed). GoTo Training currently does not provide analytics around breakouts.