Why do I get a "could not connect" error when I try to join a session?

The "could not connect" error appears when a network issue is preventing GoToTraining from connecting to the LogMeIn servers. It might just be that your WiFi is out, but most often this is caused by a firewall that is blocking GoToTraining .

Are you connected to the internet?

We know, we know... silly question. But just for the sake of being thorough, go ahead and double check for us. Is your internet connection up and running?

Do you have a firewall?

Many people use personal firewall software like McAfee, Norton or Windows Firewall to block unwanted viruses. Since these programs work by blocking unknown applications from being downloaded onto your computer, it's possible that your firewall software is blocking the download of GoToMeeting. See How do I configure GoToMeeting to work with firewalls? for more information.

Is there an outage?

It's possible that GoToTraining is experiencing an outage. See our system page for more information.