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What is the maximum number of people who can attend my session?

    The maximum amount of individuals who can participate in the session (including organizers and attendees) will vary depending on your subscription plan.If you are the billing admin, you can check your invoice for the attendee limit.

    Find my limit before a session

    1. Sign in to your account at
    2. Choose the desired training.
    3. Scroll to Step 2: Share and Track Your Training.
    4. Under "Registration and Payment Settings", locate the Attendee Limit.

    Find my limit during a session

    If you are already in a session, select the Attendee icon in the toolbar to locate the maximum number of participants for your session. It will display the number of participants currently present and total participants allowed (e.g., 25/251).

    Increase my participant limit

    If you are the billing admin of your account, you can upgrade to a different subscription plan to increase your participant limit.

    If you are not the billing admin, please contact them and request that they upgrade your subscription plan. See How do I change my current GoTo Training subscription plan? to upgrade your subscription plan or the plans & pricing page to learn about your options.
    Note: If a plan is changed while an organizer on the account is in a session, they will have to exit and restart the session before changes take effect.