What file types are supported when sharing an image, file, or video?

    • Share YouTube files – This option allows you to stream a video directly from If the video that you want to share is not currently uploaded, you can upload the file as a material for attendees to access. To include any media sound during a session, see How do I include media sound during a session?.
    • Share Google Drive files – This option allows you to show attendees Google Drive files so they can view or make edits to a shared file hosted in the cloud via Google Drive (such as Google Docs, Google Sheet. or Google Slide).
    • Share files – This option allows you to display a picture or PDF to attendees in the same way that you would share your own screen. Rather than downloading the image or PDF file onto their computer or device, they will simply see the file on their screen. You can upload .JPEG, .TIFF, .GIF, .BMP, and .PNG image files. Attendees are free to scroll and read the PDF document at their own pace.