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Toll-Free Numbers FAQs

Review frequently asked questions about toll-free audio.

What is toll-free audio?

If you have a paid subscription plan, your built-in audio options automatically include long-distance (toll) phone numbers for over 50 countries. Your attendees will be responsible for charges billed by their own telephone provider when they use these phone numbers to dial in to the audio conference.

In addition, you can also provide toll-free phone numbers with enhanced audio. With toll-free phone numbers, the organizer's account is charged a per-minute usage fee for each attendee who connects using toll-free audio. This provides attendees with an alternative to connecting with their mic and speakers (VoIP) or incurring long-distance phone charges, making it easy for them to choose the most convenient method of joining the audio conference.

See Provide Toll-Free Numbers for more information.

Note: To minimize billing charges, any attendee who joins a session before the organizer starts the event is disconnected after 5 minutes of inactivity. If the session is canceled and never started by the organizer, then no charges are incurred. However, if an organizer joins the session, even if was never started, the account is charged for the organizer's minutes, along with the minutes incurred by any attendees waiting for the event to start.

How much does it cost to use enhanced audio (toll-free numbers)?

Per-minute charges are based on your service contract, and minutes are calculated per participants. For instance, if 3 participants dialing to the session for 10 minutes using the toll-free option, you will have used 30 minutes of your plan. Those who join by regular toll numbers are charged rates based on their own long-distance provider. There are no additional charges for those who join a session using VoIP.

How am I billed for enhanced audio?

You will receive a separate monthly invoice from GoTo for any toll-free minutes used by you and your attendees.

How do I add the toll-free option to sessions that I've already scheduled?

For any sessions that were scheduled prior to enabling toll-free integration, the regular toll-based conference numbers will automatically be changed when toll-free numbers are added to an existing session. It is recommended that you resend the invitation email to participants so they have access to the new toll-free audio information. The Training ID and URLs will stay the same, and the new toll-free number will be provided to attendees in the Waiting Room, as well as in the Audio Pane of the Control Panel.

How do I schedule a session with toll-free numbers?

When you're scheduling a session, click Edit countries in the Audio section to choose which toll-free numbers you'd like to provide to attendees.

For which countries do you offer international toll-free & long-distance (toll) service?

Is there anything different about recording a session with enhanced audio?

No. Whether you or your attendees join with VoIP, long distance or toll-free audio, you can seamlessly record audio. Open Preferences > Recording > Use GoToMeeting integrated audio.

How can I cancel enhanced audio (toll-free number)?

As the billing admin, if you'd like to cancel your enhanced audio service, please contact our 24/7 Global Customer Support.

What happened to OpenVoice Integrated and why do I now see Toll-Free and Call Me on my bill?

GoTo is pleased to provide its former subscribers of OpenVoice Integrated (also known as "OVI”) an offering that is now fully integrated with GoTo Meeting called “Toll-Free and Call Me". All of the features and functionality of OVI are included in the new fully-integrated Toll-Free and Call Me services. The transition to this integrated offering should be automatic and seamless to you and your users – you will not see any interruption to your service or any change in your audio conferencing phone numbers.

As part of this change, the Toll-Free and Call Me service is provided by GoTo USA, Inc.

Where did the Universal Service Fund charge go on my bill?

Since OVI was deemed to be a standalone telecommunications service, GoTo was required by law to contribute a percentage of interstate and international revenues derived from the sale of OVI to the Federal Universal Service Fund (or FUSF), a government program established in 1997 by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) to help fund government-administered programs that subsidize telecommunications and broadband services for low-income consumers, schools, libraries, and healthcare facilities, as well as for individuals living in rural and high-cost areas. As permitted by the FCC, GoTo previously charged its OVI customers a Universal Service Fund (“USF”) fee, which was used by GoTo to recover the cost of their federally-required contributions to FUSF.

Because "Toll-Free and Call Me" is fully integrated with GoTo Meeting (itself a non-telecommunications service), GoTo is no longer obligated to contribute any "Toll-Free and Call Me" revenues to the FUSF so there is no longer any need for GoTo to collect a USF fee on your invoice.

Do I have to take any further action based on this change?

Your conferencing numbers, services, and general experience should remain the same so you can enjoy the benefits and cost savings of our fully-integrated "Toll Free and Call Me" offering without having to take any action. However, we do want to ensure you, your users, and your accounts payable teams are aware of the following:
  • You will no longer see OpenVoice Integrated on your invoice and will instead see "Toll Free and Call Me".
  • You will no longer see a USF charge on your invoice because "Toll Free and Call Me" is fully integrated with GoTo Meeting and is not subject to FUSF.
  • Whereas OpenVoice Integrated was a telecommunications service provided by GoTo Audio LLC," Toll Free and Call Me" is provided to you by GoTo USA, Inc., the same GoTo entity who is providing you GoTo Meeting.