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Step #2: Add and Configure the LogMeIn App

Add the LogMeIn parent app and configure provisioning settings.

The steps below are performed in the OneLogin admin portal.

    Add the LogMeIn parent app.

    1. Sign in to your OneLogin admin portal.
    2. In the top toolbar, select Administration > Applications > Applications > Add App.
    3. Search for "LogMeIn" then select the app.
    4. For the "Visible in portal" setting, toggle off the switch to disable it.
      Notice: If this setting remains enabled, the LogMeIn app will appear in your users' apps portal, and upon selecting it, your users will be logged in to the My Account page instead of being logged in directly to their GoTo product app. For this reason, we recommend toggling off the switch to hide it.
    5. Select Save.

    Authorize the LogMeIn parent app.

    1. In the left navigation, select Configuration > Authenticate.
    2. When prompted, select the LogMeIn app hyperlink to authorize access.

      Result: You are redirected to the GoTo Admin Center (classic) login page.

    3. Enter your GoTo admin email address, then select Next.
    4. Enter your GoTo admin password, then select Sign in.
    5. When prompted, select Allow to grant allowance to the connector.

      Result: You are redirected back to the app configuration page your OneLogin admin portal.

    6. Select the Provisioning tab.
    7. Enable automated provisioning with the following settings:
      1. Select the Enable provisioning setting.
      2. If you want to require manual admin approval before certain actions are performed, enable the settings for Create user, Delete user, and/or Update user as desired.
      3. For the next two settings (i.e., when users are deleted in OneLogin/user's app access is removed and when user accounts are suspended in OneLogin) use the drop-down menu and select Suspend.
      App Provisioning Settings in OneLogin
    8. Select Save in the upper-right toolbar.
Results: You have added the LogMeIn parent app and enabled automated provisioning with your desired settings.