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Step #3: Create Rules and Roles for Assignment

Next, enable the creation of groups (and updates to group memberships) via rules, and add roles to assign GoTo products that will be provisioned.

The steps below are performed in the OneLogin admin portal.

    Create a new rule for user groups.

    1. In the left navigation, select Rules > Add Rule.
    2. Enter a Name for your mapping (e.g., GoTo_Groups).
    3. Under Actions, make the following selections:
      • Use the drop-down menu and select Set Groups in <Your App Name>..., then select Map from OneLogin.
      • After the “For each” instructional text, use the drop-down menu and select role, then select
      • After the “with value that matches” instructional text, enter a prefix (e.g., GoTo) which will be used to distinguish the GoTo role from other roles that are not intended to populate users in the GoTo Admin Center (classic) for GoTo products (so that this mapping rule will only apply to the GoTo role).
    4. Select Save when finished.
      Add Rule for Parent App in OneLogin

      Result: You have created a new rule that maps groups created in your LogMeIn app from OneLogin to the role that matches with your set prefix.

    Create a role for each GoTo product app that will be provisioned.

    1. In the top toolbar, go to Users > Roles.
    2. Select New Role in the upper-right navigation.
    3. Enter a Name (e.g., GoTo_GoToMeeting), then select and then Save.

      Result: Your new role has been created.

      Add Role for each Product App in OneLogin

    4. Repeat Steps #6 – 7 (above) to create a role for each of the GoTo product apps you will be provisioning.

    Assign at least one admin to each of the roles you created.

    1. In the top toolbar, go to Users > Roles.
    2. Select a role that you created.
    3. Select Users in the left navigation.
    4. Search for and select your desired user, then select Check.
      Important: This admin should have access to all of the GoTo product apps.
    5. Select Save in the upper-right navigation.
    6. Repeat Steps #11 – 14 (above) to assign the same user to every role you created.

    Assign the same admin to the LogMeIn parent app.

    1. In the top toolbar, go to Users > Users.
    2. Search for and select the same admin that you assigned in the previous section.
    3. Select Applications in the left navigation.
    4. When prompted, select then use the drop-down menu to select the LogMeIn parent app.
    5. Select Continue.

      Troubleshooting: If you configured your settings to require manual admin approval before Create user is performed (from Step #12 in the previous article), you will need to approve the pending transaction before users can be processed by the LogMeIn parent app. To approve, select Users > Provisioning then select your desired user and select Approve for the pending transaction.

Results: The system begins to process the rule you created in Step #1 (above) and begins populating the GoTo user groups in the GoTo Admin Center (classic).