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How do I manage registration?

Easily manage your registration form and approval settings, as well as your attendee list and registration time frame all in one easy place.

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. From My Trainings , select the desired training and then complete one of the following options as needed.

Update registration form

Customize the registration form attendees fill out before the training.

  1. From the Manage Training page, scroll to the Share Your Training section.
  2. In the Registration and Payment Settings field, select Edit.
  3. In the Questions tab, add required or optional registration fields as desired.
    Note: Any added fields will default to optional unless you enable the Required checkbox.
  4. Optional: Select New Question to add your own custom registration questions.
    Important: You are prohibited from soliciting confidential personal information (credit card information, social security number, etc.).
  5. Select Save.

Change the registration approval setting

When attendees register to a training, you can automatically or manually approve the registration. Once approved, the system will send a confirmation email with the join link to the registrant.

  1. From Registration and Payment Settings, select Edit.
  2. Under Approval, select the desired option:
    • Automatically Approve — Registrants will immediately receive information on how to join the training once they register.
    • Manually Approve — You must approve registrants before they receive information on how to join the training.
  3. Optional: Enable When someone registers, send an email to for notifications. Otherwise, you can approve/deny registrants from the Manage Training page.
  4. Select Save.

Set closing time on registration

Close registration at a certain time so no more attendees can register to the training after that date.

  1. From Registration and Payment Settings, select Edit.
  2. From Registration, select Close Registration and then select the desired closing time.
  3. Select Save.

Set an attendee limit

Limit the number of attendees who can register for your training. Once the attendee limit has been reached, no one else will be able to register. The maximum amount of individuals who can participate in the session (including organizers and attendees) will vary depending on your subscription plan. If you are the billing admin, you can check your invoice for the attendee limit and upgrade your subscription plan if a higher limit is needed.

  1. From Registration and Payment Settings, select Edit.
  2. In the Registration tab, update the following as desired:
    • Attendee limit
    • When to close registration
    • Approval
    • Registration notification
  3. Select Save.
What to do next: You can also use this section to simply view the maximum attendees you've allowed. If you are already in a session and want to know the set limit, select the Attendee icon. It will display the number of participants currently present out of the total participants allowed (e.g., 25/251).

Manage registrants

If your registration is set to manual approval, you have to approve every registrant before they are sent a confirmation email with the join link.

  1. From the Manage Training page, scroll to the Share Your Training section.
  2. From Tracking Registrants, select Manage.
  3. From Pending Approval, select one or multiple registrants and then select Approve or Deny.

    Result: Approved registrants will receive a confirmation email and be moved to the Approve tab. You can still cancel their registration after they've already been approved. Denied registrants will be moved to the Deny tab, where you can still approve them if you change your mind.

  4. Optional: Select their name to view their registration details.
  5. Optional: Select Registration Report to export registration data to Excel.