How do I share an image, PDF, or video as my activity? (Classic)

    During an activity, organizers can share an image, document, or video (uploaded to their materials) with attendees.

    You can upload content (image, document, or video) to your materials before or during the training. It is highly recommended that you complete this setup before the training so you can share right away. To do so, go to the Manage Training page and add materials ahead of time.
    1. Go to the Materials page for your training.
    2. Create a new material.

      • To add a video file, you can click Add Link and include the URL to the YouTube or Vimeo video. Note that the video's audio feed will play from the attendee's computer speakers.
      • To add an image or PDF file, you can upload the file to the Materials page.

    3. All compatible materials that you have uploaded to the training will automatically be displayed on the Activity Center page.

      Note: Only PDF, video and image files uploaded to the Materials folder will appear on the Activity Center page. Any other file types (e.g., documents, spreadsheets) that are uploaded to the Materials folder will not appear.

    View videos (attendees)

    Once the organizer begins playing a video, the audio feed will only be played through the computer speakers. This means that if you dialed into the audio conference using your phone, you'll hear the video's audio feed play through your computer or device's speakers rather than over the telephone. If you are not hearing the audio properly (whether connected via Computer or Phone audio), check the volume on your computer's speakers and/or check the device output. It's possible that the audio is playing through a different output (e.g., a USB headset that is plugged in).