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How do I set default audio options? (Classic)

Each time organizers schedule a new session, it will automatically use the default audio settings configured to the account (but you can change them for each specific session, as needed).

Changing your settings will only impact trainings that you schedule after that point. It will not affect previously scheduled sessions; you must change those manually if desired. See Available Audio Modes to learn more about which audio options you can provide to your attendees.

Change Default Audio Options

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select the desired audio options, as follows:
    • Select Use built-in audio and then enable the check boxes of the methods that you would like to provide to customers: VoIP, long-distance (toll) numbers and/or toll-free numbers (enhanced audio). If desired, you can change the countries for which phone numbers are provided.
    • Select Use my own conference call service and then enter the conference-call information of your third-party audio service.
  4. Select Save.

Change the Countries for Which Phone Numbers are Provided

If you're providing long-distance (toll) or toll-free phone numbers for attendees, you can always choose which countries are included in the session information for each training.
  1. While changing your default audio options above, select Edit next to Long distance number and/or Toll-free Numbers.
  2. Select the desired countries. Check the box next to Country at the top of the list to select all countries. If desired, you can also designate a preferred country.
  3. Select Done.

    Result: Added countries will appear when you return to the settings page.