I can't join my session

    If you're having trouble connecting to your training , try some of the troubleshooting tips listed below.

    I got an error message when trying to download the software.

    If the software installation was stalled or unsuccessful, the most likely culprit is a firewall or browser issue. Whether you're trying to get into session ASAP or you're trying to prepare for a future session, we've got multiple options laid out for you.

    See Why isn't the download working? to learn more.

    I got an error message when trying to join the training.

    If you successfully accessed the GoTo Training software but encountered an error when you tried to connect to your training , it's possible that one of the following scenarios occurred.
    • The training is full. If attendees are trying to join a session but see a "The GoToTraining is full" message stating, then the session already has the maximum number of attendees that are allowed. You will not be able to join the session unless one of the attendees who has already joined leaves the session. Learn more.
    • You are waiting for the organizer to start the meeting. If attendees are trying to join a session and see a screen that says "Waiting for organizer", then you have successfully connected to the session! The organizer is the individual who is hosting the session (i.e., they scheduled it and invited you to it), so if you joined the session before they did then you can just sit tight until they get there. We call this the "Hallway", because you have arrived to the session but are still waiting for the organizer to "open the door" so you can come in. Learn more.
    • The training ID is invalid. If you are trying to join a session and encounter "The training ID is invalid" message, it means that the training ID you entered does not match with the session you are trying to join because it is incorrect, was mistyped, or the training ID has expired. Learn how to fix it.

    I can see the training, but I can't hear the audio (or vice versa).

    If you can see the training software or shared screen, but you aren't hearing anyone speak, you likely just need help connecting to audio. Learn more.

    On the other hand, if you are able to hear the training audio but can't locate the shared presentation on your computer, we can help you find it. Learn more.