How do I turn off automatic renewal for a subscription in the Corporate Billing Portal?

Billing contacts of corporate accounts can cancel the next upcoming renewal for a subscription in the Corporate Billing Portal, which will allow them to continue using the service until the end of their billing period (i.e., Service Order End Date).

Note: See How do I cancel my GoToTraining subscription plan? if you see something different than the steps shown below.
  1. Sign in to the Corporate Billing Portal at with your username and password.
  2. Select Subscriptions in the top navigation.
  3. For your desired subscription, uncheck the box for the Auto Renew setting.
  4. When prompted, use the drop-down menu to select each Cancel Reason (you will be prompted twice).

    Uncheck Auto Renew and select Cancel Reasons

  5. In the top navigation, click Update Auto-Renew.

    Update Auto Renewal in top navigation

    Result: A confirmation message displays stating that you have selected to turn off the auto-renew for one or all of your subscriptions.

  6. Click OK to continue.
You have disabled automatic renewal for your desired subscription. You will continue to have service until the date listed on the Service Order End Date on your Subscriptions page.