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How do I approve, deny, or cancel registrants? (Classic)

    If your registration is set to manual approval, you have to approve every registrant before they are sent a confirmation email with the join link.

    1. Sign in to your account at
    2. Click My Trainings in the left menu and select the desired training.
    3. On the Manage Training page, scroll to the Share Your Training section.
    4. In the Tracking Registrants field, click Manage or the number of registrants to approve or deny them.
    5. In the Pending Approval tab, select one or multiple registrants and click Approve or Deny.
      • Approved registrants will receive a confirmation email and be moved to the Approve tab. You can still cancel their registration after they've already been approved.
      • Denied registrants will be moved to the Deny tab, where you can still approve them if you change your mind.
    6. To view a registrant's details, click their name.
      • Status: Pending Approve, Pending Payment, Approved, or Denied
      • Registered: Date that the attendee registered for the training
      • Email: Registrant's email address
    7. To export registration data to Excel, click Registration Report.