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General GoTo Training FAQs

    Review the following frequently asked questions.

    How long do my Materials stay available? How much storage space do I have?

    Archived recordings and course materials in your library are saved for the lifetime of your account, or until you delete them. Each account has up to 500GB of storage space for uploaded files and recordings, however, corporate customers can purchase more storage space through their account managers. We recommend you sign in to your account to see how much storage is available and how much is currently in use. This can be viewed from the Storage card in both the Library and Recording tabs in your left side-bar.

    When can I launch my Tests?

    You can launch Tests before, during and after a training. The same Test can be used once before the training, once during the training and once after the training. See Tests to learn more about when you can launch Tests.

    • Before training: Test link will appear on Registration Confirmation page and in the confirmation email.
    • During training: You decide when to launch the Test during the training.
    • After training: Test link will appear in the follow-up email.

    What are the character limits for training titles/descriptions, registration questions, Tests and Polls?

    Training title 128 characters
    Training description 2,048 characters
    Registration question 255 characters
    Optional answer to question 128 characters
    Test question 512 characters
    Test answer 128 characters
    Short answer 256 characters
    Poll question 128 characters
    Optional Poll answer 60 characters

    Is there a charge for using GoTo Training Integrated Audio?

    GoTo Training is packaged with integrated audio at no extra cost. You can choose to provide audio through VoIP (Voice over IP), phone numbers or both. Attendees joining audio through VoIP are not charged. Attendees joining audio through the conference number provided through GoTo Training Integrated Audio use a toll-based number; the charge to attendees is dictated by their telephone provider. GoTo Training supports Integrated Toll-Free Audio, but only on corporate plans.

    Can I add Tests, Polls or Materials after I've already started my training?

    Yes. Tests, Polls and Materials can be added or deleted during a training.


    How do I create and add trainings to my Catalog?

    See Catalogs to learn how to create and add/remove trainings from a Catalog.

    Can I have more than one Catalog?

    Yes, you can create as many Catalogs as you want. All organizers within a corporate account share Catalogs.

    What is the Library?

    The Library stores Materials, Tests, Polls and Evaluations that are available for unlimited reuse. Any edits or deletions will affect all trainings using these items. Organizers on corporate plans are encouraged to communicate with all co-organizers on their account before making changes.

    How do I post my recorded training online?

    Learn how to upload, share and manage recordings. You can only upload recordings (.WMV or .MP4) you created using GoTo Training.

    Can I customize the registration pages?

    Yes, you can brand trainings with a logo and page color, which will appear on registration pages, emails and in the Waiting Room (a virtual room where attendees wait for the session to begin). You can also customize registration settings, including creating registration questions and adding registration fields.

    How do I add a logo to my trainings?

    Organizers on individual plans can add a logo to their account on the Settings page. Organizers on corporate plans must have their company administrator add the logo.

    What file formats can be uploaded as Materials?

    You may upload any file to your Library under Materials as long as it does not exceed 500MB in size.

    Is the Timer only for breaks?

    No, you can launch the Timer at any time during a live training. In addition to breaks, you can use it for timing Tests or other exercises.