Connect to Audio (Instant Join App)

The audio options that are available for you to connect to the audio conference will vary depending on what options the organizer set for the session (for example, they may have disabled some methods, or even provided their own conference call information).

Below are instructions for connecting to audio when you've joined via the browser-based Instant Join app.

Connect to Session Audio

The first time you join a session from the Instant Join app, your web browser will attempt to connect your mic and speakers to the audio conference. You must give the browser permission to do so by clicking Allow.

Mute and unmute yourself

  • Your audio is currently connecting via Computer mode (mic and speakers).

  • You are unmuted (and connected via Computer mode).

  • You are muted (and connected via Computer mode).

  • You are currently set to Phone mode, but you have not yet entered your Audio PIN.

  • You are unmuted (and connected via Phone mode).

  • You are muted (and connected via Phone mode).

Switch Audio Modes Using the Instant Join App

Only attendees running Google Chrome can use computer audio (VoIP). Attendees using any other web browser will need to dial in to the audio conference via phone.

  1. Click the Settings icon in the toolbar.
  2. Use the radio buttons to select either Computer audio or Phone call.

    • If you selected Computer audio, use the drop-down menus to select which audio device to use for your microphone.
    • If you selected Phone call, use a telephone to dial in to the audio and enter the access code and Audio PIN when prompted. Use the drop-down menu to see phone numbers for additional countries.