Are there activities and breakout room FAQs?

    Content sharing and breakout rooms are great ways to engage your attendees during the session.

    Can I share multiple items per training?

    Yes. You can share as much content as you'd like during your training.

    Can I change the individuals in each breakout during a single training?

    Yes. You can switch up the small groups if you launch a second activity during the same training. If you select the same number of breakouts then the attendees will be sorted the same as they were previously; however, you can easily click and drag their names into a different breakout to rearrange them.

    Can I use a different Google account for each activity?

    Yes. GoTo Training uses whichever Google account you are currently signed in to. If you would like to change Google accounts, simply hover your mouse over the "Edit a doc together" option and then click  Switch account. You can simply open a new browser window, sign out of Google, and then refresh the Activity Control page to see the Sign in with Google link reappear under "Edit a document". You can then sign in to the desired account. See How do I set up and share Google Drive files? for more information.

    Do my attendees need a Google account?

    No. Attendees do not need their own account to collaborate on shared files during the session or to view them after the training is over (if you choose to share the file).

    How do I upload a video to share?

    Videos can only be streamed from YouTube or Vimeo. First upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo, then add the link to your Materials. SeeHow do I share a video during a training? for more information.

    The Start button is grayed out; how do I start my session?

    If you are unable to click the Start button, most likely you have not yet selected an activity for your attendees. Use the right navigation to do so, then try clicking Start again! See How do I share files? for more information.

    Are my activities included in the session recording?

    No. Shared materials and breakout rooms are not included in the session recording.

    Can I pause the shared video for my attendees?

    If you are sharing a video from your Library, then you can play and pause the video at your convenience. However, if you are sharing a video during breakouts, only the attendees have control over the Play/Pause buttons.

    How can my attendees get my attention during breakouts?

    Although your attendees cannot chat you during an activity, they can raise their hand to get your attention. You can then join the breakout group to answer questions. Alternatively, you can send a message to all groups at once from the main Activity Center page.

    Are there any known issues with activities and breakouts?

    The GoTo Training team is currently working on these known issues:
    • Attendees may need to rejoin the training if they attempt to share their screen while a video is playing during breakouts.
    • Mic icons may show incorrect muted/unmuted status.
    • The attendee count may be incorrect when returning from a breakout to the main training session.
    • The breakout timer may intermittently experience issues.
    • The organizer webcam may intermittently get cut off when an attendee joins the main training session from a breakout.