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How do I try the new GoTo Admin?

    Preview and switch to the new GoTo Admin. You now have the option of previewing your account in the new admin experience, GoTo Admin. You can make the new experience your default for all users who have access to your admin portal.

    You must have admin or super admin permissions.
    This new experience allows for the consolidated management of multiple products and allows you to easily add and remove licenses for those various products as needed. Of necessity, this new experience is built on a role-based concept for individual users rather than single permissions that are assigned to users or groups. At this point, your account has been moved over to this role-based model to allow you to preview or switch to GoTo Admin.
    Important: Any changes made to the new GoTo Admin portal, either in preview or upgrade mode, will sync back to your legacy admin portal.

    Preview GoTo Admin

    1. Select TRY THE NEW ADMIN from the banner on top of your account.
    2. Select Preview in a new tab first.
    What to do next: If you like what you see, select UPGRADE TO GOTO ADMIN to make the switch early. Or close the preview tab at any point.

    Switch to GoTo Admin

    1. Select TRY THE NEW ADMIN from the banner on top of your account.

      Result: Your admins will automatically be re-directed to the new GoTo Admin experience regardless of the URL they use to sign in. They will not be able to access the old admin portal unless a Super Admin switches the entire account back for everyone.

    What to do next: Reference our in-product help content or our new GoTo Admin support site as you explore the new experience. If you want to switch back to your previous administration portal, select on your profile image and then Switch back to old admin.