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Getting Started: Set up Zero Trust

Create a signature key to deploy unattended devices, and remote control or run PowerShell scripts on those devices.

Note: Users with a Free subscription can postpone setting up zero trust for up to 30 days. During this period, after users deploy five devices or an admin creates the first signature key in the organization, Free users will have to create their own signature key. See What is Zero Trust?
  1. In the Console, select your profile icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Manage zero trust.
  3. Select I'm ready for heightened security.
  4. On the Signature key 101 page, make sure you read the description carefully and select Create signature key.
  5. On the Create your signature key page, type your unique key.
    Remember: Your key must be at least eight-characters long.
  6. Select I understand that GoTo can't restore a forgotten signature key and click Next.
  7. If you are not the first agent in your organization, then another agent must verify your request. Download your six-digit verification code or write it down and keep it handy.
    Remember: This is the only time you see the verification code. Your admin who approves your signature key request will ask for this code on a separate communication channel, for example in an email. This is an additional security layer to prove your identity before you start sensitive tasks.
Results: Once you set up a signature key and your admin approves it, you can use it to deploy unattended devices, remote control, or run commands on online devices. Don't forget that you will need the signature key when you create a group into the account.