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Getting Started: Set up device groups

    Device groups allow you to manage devices that share similar attributes. You will need your signature key to create a device group, to add devices to a device group, and to move devices from a device group to another.

    Verifying your devices

    When you add a new device to your device list it appears in the Unverified devices list. You will see the details of the device but you cannot start a remote support session, launch terminal or the file manager on it, unless you verify it. When you verify a new device, you not only have full control over it, but extend the protective shield via your signature key to device management as well.
    1. Select a device or a set of devices from the Unverified devices list.
      Tip: By clicking the top row of the Unverified devices list you can select every device in the list and verify them all, by clicking the Verify all button. You can verify up to 500 devices at one go.
    2. Click Verify.
    3. Enter your signature key to proceed.
    4. The selected device(s) will appear in the Not in a group list.

    Creating new device groups

    By default all your verified devices are shown in the Not in a group device list. You can organize your devices into specific device groups, for example setting up a group each for your home and office computers. To do so:
    1. On the Devices page select Add new group in the top right corner.
    2. Enter the name of the group and click Create.
    3. Enter your signature key and click Proceed.
    4. The newly created group appears in the By group list.

    Adding devices to your groups

    1. Select a device or set of devices in the Not in a group list.
    2. Select Add to group in the Manage panel that pops up on the right of the Console.
    3. Select the device group you want to add your devices to from the Find group card on the right.
    4. Click Done.
    5. Enter your signature key and click Proceed.
    6. Your devices appear in the group you selected in the By group list.
    Note: You can move a device to another group by selecting them and clicking Manage in their actual device group, and repeating the steps above.

    Managing device groups

    You can manage your device groups from the By group list. Hover your mouse over a device group and click Manage on the right:
    • Edit: You can edit the name of the group.
    • Manage agents: You can assign agents or remove them from a group in GoTo Admin.
    • Empty group: Moves all the devices in the group to the Not in a group list.
    • Delete group: Deletes an empty group from Resolve.
    Note: You have to enter your signature key to implement the changes.
    Article last updated: 15 November, 2022