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Getting Started: File management

File manager gives you access to the file system of a remote device without remote controlling that device.

Note: File manager is available on Lite and Pro devices, for free and paid plans as well. See What are Pro devices?.
  1. In the Console, go to the Devices page.
    Remember: You can only use file manager on online devices.
  2. Select the online device that you want to manage:
    • Hover over a device and select Manage > Launch file manager.
    • Select a device and at the top of the page, select Launch file manager on the right.
  3. Enter your zero trust signature key and select Proceed.
    The file manager opens.
  4. On the Local Computer pane, select Open a folder to choose a local folder for your file operations.
    This will be the root folder on your local computer for your current file manager session.
  5. Make sure you allow GoTo to view your files.

What can you do in the file manager?

  • Copy, delete, and rename files and folders
  • Download files from the managed device to your computer
  • View the properties of a file, such as when it was created or last updated
Article last updated: 15 November, 2022