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What's new in OpenVoice?

This page tracks all the latest OpenVoice features and changes.

Web Portal – March 10, 2022

  • Conference audio support has been removed for Russia and Belarus

Profile Management Portal (v1.15.5) & Login Service – September 17, 2021


Support for Multifactor Authentication
Users now have the ability to set up multifactor authentication as an added layer of security when signing in to their GoTo account. Users can begin the enrollment process and manage their paired mobile devices within the "Enhanced Security" section on the Sign In & Security page at Once set up, the user will be prompted to enter a code from their authenticator app in order to access their GoTo product account going forward.
Note: If a user pairs their mobile device but disables the Enhanced Security setting, the user may still be prompted to verify their login via the paired multifactor authentication device (which is done via email verification when no device is paired) for security purposes when they sign in to their account.

Previously, multifactor authentication was only supported for GoToAssist Remote Support (v4 and v5) users. These existing users (who have already paired a mobile device with their account) will not be impacted by these changes, and their paired mobile devices will automatically be recognized and listed within the Sign In & Security page, now under the "Enhanced Security" section. However, those GoToAssist Remote Support users will still need to enable the Enhanced Security setting, which will improve their login security by leveraging multiple factor and risk-based scores.

Classic GoTo Admin Center (v5.37.0) – August 27, 2021


New & Refreshed User Roles
The user roles in the GoTo Admin Center (classic) have been updated (within the User Details page, per user and on the Add Users page) to the following:
  • (New!) Member – An end user with no GoTo Admin Center (classic) access (this role is newly listed but was previously applied when the "Administrator for this account" setting was disabled).
  • Manager – A user with GoTo Admin Center (classic) access and selected permissions and specific groups. If no groups are selected, the manager can manage the selected permissions for all users in the account.
  • Admin – A manager with all permissions except to manage other admins.
  • Super Admin – An admin with all permissions, including managing other admins (this role has been renamed, and previously applied when the "Full access to all account privileges" setting was enabled).
All permissions available for the Manager role remain unchanged (e.g., Add and Delete Users, Manage Products, etc.).


Support for Multiple Subgroups and Assignments
The user groups in the GoTo Admin Center (classic) now support assigning multiple subgroup levels (e.g., Group > Subgroup 1, Subgroup 2, Subgroup 3, etc.), and those subgroups can be assigned to either another subgroup or a parent group (e.g., Subgroup 3 can be assigned to Subgroup 2, Subgroup 1, or Group). Additionally, a tooltip will display the full list of group/subgroup(s) on both the User Details and Manage Users pages if the name of the group/subgroup exceeds the character limit.
Note: Each parent group and/or subgroup name must be unique.
Previously, only a single subgroup could be created (e.g., Group > Subgroup), and each subgroup could only be assigned to a parent group (i.e., subgroups could not be assigned to other subgroups).
If a user – who is already assigned to groups/subgroup(s) – has their user group assignment changed within User Details, the user will become unassigned from all existing groups/subgroup(s) and only assigned to the updated group/subgroup(s).

Classic GoTo Admin Center (v5.29.0) – January 15, 2021


  • All references to the following texts have been updated throughout the GoTo Admin Center (classic):
    • Seats has been changed to Products on the Manage Users page (for both the Filter category when filtering users and when assigning products to a bulk set of users), updating a user's account role, and within error messages.
    • Suppress email notification has been changed to Do not notify users about this change on the Edit User page when a user's product access and/or role has changed
    • Logged in and loggedout have been updated to signed in and signed out on the Two-Factor Authentication pane in Admin Settings
  • Added feature description to the Custom Field pane in Admin Settings. Learn more about managing custom fields.
  • Updated User Status feature so that accurate messaging with further instruction is reflected within their status on both the Manage Users and User Details pages.
  • Fixed issue in which the "Status" tooltip window was displayed as transparent on the Manage Users page.
  • Fixed issue in which the Custom URL radio button can be selected within the Personal Meeting Room pane in Admin Settings.
  • Fixed issue in which the account name value was missing in user invitation emails.

Web Portal – Nov. 24, 2020

  • Fixed an issue where users could not access the Minute Usage page

Classic GoTo Admin Center (v5.26.0) – October 01, 2020


  • Fixed issue that caused overlapping text when resizing the browser and GoToAssist Remote Support is listed among other products under the New User Settings Template pane.

Classic GoTo Admin Center (v5.25.0) – September 30, 2020


New Email Templates Available to All Admins
All account admins are now enabled to use the new Welcome and Assignment Change email templates, which were introduced to most accounts in a previous release. Admins can view and configure these new email templates within Admin Settings under Email Customizations.

Web Portal – Nov. 7, 2019

  • Toll-free numbers for China has been updated. A banner has been added to describe our updated toll-free numbers for China. New icon
    Note: Previous toll-free numbers will remain active.