Uninstall GoTo Meeting v9

    Thank you for participating in GoTo Meeting v9. We'll be discontinuing the GoTo Meeting v9 desktop app in September as we move to the New GoTo Meeting experience. We encourage you to use the new Hub, an all-in-one collaboration tool that allows you to chat, schedule, and start meetings. We are committed to continue providing new features that will support you in getting the most value both before and during sessions. Thank you for helping us build a better way for people to communicate with each other.

    Uninstall from Windows

    1. Access the Windows Control Panel (Windows Start menu > Control Panel). This step may vary depending on your computer.
    2. Click Programs and Features.
    3. Locate and right-click GoTo Meeting v9, then click Uninstall.
    4. Click OK to confirm.

    Uninstall from Mac

    1. Open the Mac Finder window.
    2. Click Applications.
    3. Locate and right-click GoTo Meeting v9, then click Move to Trash. Alternatively, you can drag and drop GoTo Meeting v9 to the Trash icon in the lower menu bar.
      Note: If GoTo Meeting v9 isn't in your Applications folder, search for "GoTo Meeting v9" in Finder or click GoTo Meeting v9 in the dock and Open in Finder to open the original folder path. You can then right-click and Move to Tash.
    4. Empty your trash in the following ways:
      • Click Trash in the Finder then Empty.
      • Click the Trash icon in the lower menu bar and Empty Trash.