Manage User Account Roles

Account admins can manage user account roles to specify whether the user can access the Admin Center as a full administrator, or a manager with limited permissions. Please note that the user account role is first configured when a user is manually added to an account. Once added, account role changes can only be made per individual user, but not in bulk for a selection of users.

  1. Log in to the Admin Center at
  2. Select Manage Users in the left navigation.
  3. Select your desired user to open their User Details page.
  4. Click Edit in the Roles pane.
  5. Check the box to enable the "Administrator for this Account" option, then choose 1 of the following options:
    1. Select Full access to all account privileges to grant full admin permissions.
    2. Select Manager for specified group(s) with limited privileges to customize admin permissions as follows:
    • Privileges – Click the list of privileges hyperlink, check the box(es) to select your desired permissions, then click Apply.
    • Groups – Click None Selected, select 1 or more user groups that your selected user will manage, then click Apply.
  6. Click Save when finished.

    User Roles

    The user will receive an email notification informing them of their role change (unless the Suppress email notification setting was enabled when the role was updated).