How do I sign in to the Billing Center?

    The Billing Center is an online self-service portal where the billing contact for an account can sign in and manage the payment and billing information for the account's GoTo Meeting subscription plan.

    When the billing contact for an account makes changes to the payment information, billing info, or GoTo Meeting subscription plan, the way that they do so will vary depending on how their account was initially set up.

    Some billing contacts sign in to the Billing Center at to manage their GoTo Meeting billing info themselves. However, other billing contacts for larger accounts (referred to as "corporate" accounts) typically work with their dedicated GoTo representative (or by contacting ) to manage their account on a different self-service site called the Corporate Billing Portal at

    Sign in to the Billing Center

    The Billing Center allows billing contacts to add and manage subscription plans, change billing frequency, view and print the billing history for each renewal, and update payment information.

    Sign in at

    Go To Billing Center

    Having trouble?

    If you encounter a message, "Contact your billing admin (name, email address) to make product or licensing changes to your account" it means you are not the billing contact for your account, but you can click Email the billing admin to contact them directly. Learn more about billing contacts.

    Contact the Billing Admin

    Sign in to the Corporate Billing Portal

    The allows billing contacts for "corporate" GoTo Meeting accounts to change billing contacts, edit Purchase Orders, and manage price quotes with a GoTo representative.

    Sign in at

    Note: Unlike with the Billing Center, billing contacts using the Corporate Billing Portal are provided with a separate User ID (in "user name" or "email address" format, located on an emailed invoice) that is separate from their GoTo Meeting login. Learn more.
    Corporate Billing Portal login

    Having trouble?

    If you are unable to sign in to the Corporate Billing Portal and encounter an "Invalid User ID" or "Invalid User ID/password" message, it means either you aren't a billing contact for the account, or you used the wrong user ID and password.If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password?, enter the User ID for your billing contact account, then click Submit to be sent a reset link via email to your billing contact account email address.