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How do I schedule a meeting with the GoTo for Outlook integration?

    If you have the GoTo for Outlook add-in, you can attach and remove your session details from a meeting directly from your Outlook calendar.

    It is highly recommended that you only schedule, update, and/or remove meetings from Outlook. While changes made with the add-in can manually be updated to reflect your web account or the GoTo desktop app, changes made in the web account or the GoTo desktop app are not synced and replicated in Outlook.
    1. In Outlook, create a new appointment or meeting.
    2. Fill out the fields then select Meetings > GoTo for Outlook in the upper toolbar.
    3. Sign in to your GoTo account if prompted.
    4. Attach the desired meeting.
      • Rooms – Use a recurring room you already have and its meeting link.
      • Create new meeting – Generate a new meeting ID for this session.
    5. Select Update meeting to sync any changes then send the calendar invite.
      Note: The GoTo for Outlook add-in attaches your default audio! Select Meeting settings to make changes.
      Schedule a Meeting in Outlook