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How do I record a meeting from GoTo Room?

GoTo Room organizers and co-organizers can record any meeting and access it later from their GoTo Meeting web account.

  1. Start a meeting from GoTo Room.
  2. On the touch panel, tap the Record icon.
    Note: If the Record icon is grayed out, it means either of the following:
    • You are using the room license (you start an instant "Meet Now" session). In this case, promote another attendee as a co-organizer to record on your behalf.
    • You are an attendee in someone else's meeting. In this case, you do not have recording access.
    • You are not signed in as the organizer. In this case, ask another organizer in the meeting to schedule on your behalf.
  3. The Recording icon will glow.
  4. Once the session is over, the recording will be available in your GoTo Meeting history.
    Record a Meeting from GoTo Room