How do I include media sound during a meeting?

Because GoToMeeting does not support sharing videos during a meeting yet, see How do I optimize my computer for video sharing? to configure your computer settings for an optimal video sharing experience.
You must be connected to audio via Computer audio to use this feature.

System requirements

Presenters must be on the Windows or Mac desktop app to include their media sound. Attendees joining from all platforms (desktop app, Web App, mobile) can listen to the shared audio.

Include media sound

  1. Click the Share icon to begin sharing.
  2. In the "Share my screen" window, check the "Include media sound" box and click Share. Alternatively, you can use the Options drop-down in the Presenter toolbar and click Include media sound.

    Note: If you are on a Windows computer, make sure the speaker output matches the device selected in GoToMeeting (e.g., both audio must be playing from your headset). Changing the speaker device in GoToMeeting will stop audio sharing - as soon as the shared content and GoToMeeting are both playing from the same speaker output, audio sharing will work.
    Important: If you are on a Mac, you will be prompted to install the GoTo Audio Device audio driver the first time you share your audio while screen sharing. If media sound is not being included, make sure GoTo Audio Device is set as the output in the Volume drop-down of the menu bar. To uninstall the GoTo Audio Device, see How do I uninstall GoToMeeting?.
    Include Media Sound Setting

  3. To stop sharing your audio, click Options in the Presenter toolbar and uncheck Include media sound. Alternatively, you can stop the audio of content being shared (e.g., stop YouTube video).

    Tip: If you run into any audio issues, please report them.