How do I change my recording content and security settings?

    Organizers have complete control over their content and security settings. This includes recording features GoTo offers, different access levels, and expiration dates.

    This article changes recording content settings across all meetings. Customization is available at the recording level.
    1. Open the GoTo desktop app on your computer or sign in from a browser.
    2. Select your profile picture in the top toolbar then Settings.
    3. Select Meetings in the left menu.
    4. Under Content Sharing & Security, choose what recording content is shared and who can view it.

      • Transcribe recorded meetings – Get a transcript of your recording.
      • Detect Slides – Capture slides shared during a meeting and download as a PDF.
      • Select who can access the recording.
      • Select the default share link expiration duration (this setting can be changed for individual recordings). Recordings are set to expire after a year by default unless it was changed by your account admin.

    5. Select Save.